4.005 Delirium très épais

L’archange : Dominance & its effect (YouTube & the peer reviewed publication)

Louis : There was a strange country where giving money to the poor was a crime. The punishment was horrible: CIA middle age torture, then death by French guillotine. There was this neighborhood and a man slightly richer than poor. A beggar was always there sitting and the man had compassion: he gave the beggar 10 dollars. The man slightly richer than poor got assassinated for whatever reason: the neighborhood was not safe. A cop came and wanted to know more about the personality of the man slightly richer than poor. « So, Mr Beggar, could you tell me more about the personality of the dead man » ? The beggar said : « he’s very generous ». Time passes and the cop came back because he got suspicious about the beggar and the man slightly richer than poor. So, mister beggar, why did you say: « the dead man is generous? ». The beggar replied: « Because he is a good man ». The beggar was starting to be a little bit tense and the cop gave up. So time passes, and a private investigator came and ask the same question to the beggar. Same answer from him, reversed order though: first « good man » and then « generous ». The private investigator concluded that a serious money-given-to-the-poor offense had taken place. The private investigator, much more experienced particularly in sending flowers to himself during parable, had seen the same pattern with richer, filthy richer people.

L’archange: I can’t say I understand what this is referring to.  I hope you are doing OK.

 ….Calling France…., Yeah François? there’s a dangerous maniac on the loose soon on the run hopefully!. He looks normal, but he’s not according to our last findings. Maniac can be totally normal. Idiotic one dor run for presidency here in the US. He looks like an elephant without memory. He trumps a lot.

Louis : I’ve left dominance a little bit behind, and got interested anew by the Chaos theory. I’ve been always toying with this because it fit well in the equilibrium theory (remember the cycle which leads to maturity, id est maximum dominance is attained under constraint of anticipated/Actual stress, risk or danger). So in order to model bipolar disorder, I’ve always toyed with the logistic equation, more precisely when it is iterative. Normally, it is used to describe population behavior, extinction, growth, etc. This is nice because if you address the reproduction topic (which is also an iterative process, evolution wise), then dominance is not that far away (population growth/decrease has to do with evolutionary dominance).

X model

The X model is beautiful (albeit limited as a model) because from r=2,50 to r=3.00 it describes normal dominance increase during life. You climb the ladder of the dominance hierarchy. One equilibrium state slightly growing, or not depending on math & life.

From 3.00, there’s a bipolar depression/mania equilibrium (*2 phase I know translation is not good). This means that the reward system follows maybe a nonlinear logic. Then it became incrementally chaotic following the same *2 pattern. This is maybe a good model of mixed state (multi equilibrium, difficult to sustain for the brain & body). So maybe the aim of medication is to manipulate this R variable back to R < 3.00). This variable is unknown in my model. Maybe the elasticity of the response of the reward system, its sensitivity to the environment.

HautBasMa : Can someone tell the froggy bastard to stop from jumping from head to head ? My god, we have no jurisdiction down there. I knew it: France is locking up sane people in Hospital. They all speak English in there.…..losing connection from Russian spies, connection terminated.
CIA : Anti American Activity Daily report : The stinking cheeses have mixed themselves with chocapics. I repeat: the stinking cheeses have mingled with chocapic.

Louis: God has its own strange attractor, and you can’t see them. He plays with hidden dices, when they are translated into reality; they get mirrored using coincidence, synchronicity. Reality corrects chaos because it wants to keep its identity or stability while accepting the other world. Chaos creates; Reality lives with it but needs revolution, violence or earthquake to cope. Things that normally should not happen do happen. Some dices are down to earth born angel, others are dead angel. For God, there is no difference. It is sufficient that something existed, exists or will exist even as a concept, because concept are undetermined at some stage, it means we don’t know if it fits the whole picture. Only God can choose and plays. So what about a quantum theory of chaos. Replace attractors with angel. There’s no such things as quantum phase: transition contain chaos/stability where only god rule to find a global equilibrium. You can’t see it because reality corrects to remain stable. Exactly like in the logistic equation. If you go farther on the right you will see safe haven again and then chaos and If you want to go into deeper detail the uncertainty will grow. For example, the question to know if time is a flow or a serie of pixel is undetermined. Science will never get the full picture as only a part of the truth. If uncertainty disappears it will reappear somewhere where you have no instrument to check: universe is a balance in all ( I stress all, affect & logic) directions. You will create problem that even God may not solve. Why not building a new theory of Reality? A philosophical one, Hey Lawrence, fancy it ? Everything not from nothing, everything for uncertainty/Reality, a territory that you have not been granted clearance from the Almighty. Black hole? a visible island of uncertainty needed by the overall stability ? maybe ? Destruction here? Creation there? Appolon & Dyonisos ? Nietzsche ! Lol: Why not? Skies are the limit or so it seems..

Avertissement : ceci n’est pas un article scientifique. On est plutôt dans l’ordre de la spéculation mystérieusement oubliée par Compte Sponville, l’ordre de l’incertitude, de l’indétermination, de l’éternel combat où Icare et Sisyphe avance en aveugle masqué main dans la main.

Queen / The prophet’s song
Oh oh people of the earth
Listen to the warning the seer he said
Beware the storm that gathers here
Listen to the wise man…
… Oh oh children of the land
Love is still the answer take my hand
The vision fades a voice I hear
Listen to the madman!

Sabine Paturel / Les bêtises
J’ai tout démonté tes tableaux
J’ai tout découpé tes rideaux
Tout déchiré tes belles photos
Que tu cachais dans ton bureau
Fallait pas m’quitter tu vois
Il est beau le résultat
Je fais rien que des bêtises
Des bêtises quand t’es pas là
J’ai tout démonté le bahut
J’ai tout bien étalé la glu
Comme t’étais toujours pas revenu
J’ai tout haché menu menu
J’ai tout brûlé le beau tapis
J’ai tout scié les pieds du lit
Tout décousu tes beaux habits
Et mis le feu à la penderie
Fallait pas m’quitter tu vois
Il est beau le résultat
Je fais rien que des bêtises
Des bêtises quand t’es pas là
Fallait pas casser mon cœur
M’laisser sans baby sitter
Je fais rien que des bêtises
Des bêtises quand mes yeux pleurent
J’ai tout renversé les poubelles
J’ai tout pilé la belle vaisselle
Attends c’est pas tout à fait tout
J’ai aussi dépensé tous tes sous
Fallait pas m’quitter tu vois
Il est beau le résultat
Je fais rien que des bêtises
Des bêtises quand t’es pas là